September 11th, 2002


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i think my music tastes are growing stranger as the days go on. the new album from Bowling For Soup kicks ass if you enjoy green day-esque emo music.

yes, i've been terribly quiet the past few days. my car broke down sunday. i'm driving my mom's spare. no clue what's wrong with mine. no clue when it'll be fixed. i've been fairly optimistic still, or at least i'm trying to be. stress level has risen from my shins to somewhere between my chin and the top of my ears. *sighs*

friday night i'm hanging out with a friend of a girl i tried to date eons ago. a very long story from the past that might as well stay buried. in any case, we decided we should go hang out and so we are. this weekend i'm PROBABLY going to be out of town. heather wants me to come down and work on her computer. sounds like a convenient excuse to get me to come down and visit, but i'll accept the invitation anyway because i like convenient excuses to hang out with friends. :)
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    Bowling For Soup - She's Got A Boyfriend