September 5th, 2002


(no subject)

no interesting recap for yesterday, not a whole lot to say. came home from the casino, got a call from Kat wishing me happy birthday, went out to the packet pick-up. got a call on my mom's cell phone that i'd borrowed for the night wishing me a happy birthday and letting me know she got settled ok. even though i was working on my birthday, i had a good time last night at the pick-up. something about doing work that'll benefit others i guess. or i'm just a pathetic person who likes to work. i'll stick with the former so i don't have to admit to the latter. afterwards, i went out to Border's and picked up some new cds with my ill-gotten birthday money. ;) i came out a nickel ahead at the casino after about an hour and a half, but blew $80 in 20 minutes at Border's. which is the more dangerous habit. still, i picked up some good buys: the new Bowling For Soup cd, an old Velvet Underground disc, yet another Moby album, and i had to replace my Pink Floyd "The Wall" cds because one of them got a mysterious crack in it. all in all, it was a good birthday.

my mom was asking me yesterday if i wanted to have some sort of birthday party this weekend. i didn't know how to explain to her how weird i feel throwing myself a party. i know it's customary to have a birthday party for your birthday of some sort, but i feel weird telling people they should come to my house to celebrate me. say what you will, but to me it feels selfish. which is stupid of me because i don't think it's selfish when people throw themselves birthday parties, only if i throw myself a birthday party. i like going to other people's birthday parties. when it comes to my own birthday though, i feel like i'm guilt-tripping people into coming to spend time with me. me and my self-esteem issues i guess...

anyway, i'm going to head out of here. my conference call is over, so my need to be at the office is finito. i may be online later from the house, we shall see. my plans for the day include being a lazy ass and doing nothing. i'll probably be bored in an hour.