August 28th, 2002


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eventually snuck out of the office a little after 6 last night. tonight's going to be quite similar. went over to heather's on a dinner invite to find that she and her mom did were sneaky and underhanded and got me a birthday gift. i'm now the proud owner of some penguins and The Simpsons: Season 1 dvd set. i feel loved. =D

i need to make a poster and take it up to the folks at Wherehouse Music that says to not sell anything to me. today i figured out that i'd be getting about $100 more than usual on my paycheck from the extra hours i've been putting in, so i decided to go to Wherehouse Music to pick up the Unkle cd if they had it and a used Ben Folds Five cd. they had neither of them, but rather than walk out i wandered around. damn them. damn me. i ended up buying about 4 cds for about $40 instead of just walking out of there. stupid music store, always having sales when i walk in so i feel like i'm getting a good deal when i spend more money than i should have. c'est la vie, i also haven't paid for a meal in a few days, so i think that makes up for it in the end. besides, i needed to buy the High Fidelity soundtrack eventually. ;)

projects i hope to start/complete during my vacation:

  • clean out my car

  • unpack some boxes

  • make my room "home" (i need a small desk lamp for my headboard, a small cheap desk and a comfy chair, and the walls are far too bare...)

  • not make the sad face for Chrissy Friday night. ;)

  • work on writing my memoirs again.

current plans:
Today: leaving the office around 6, no plans after that.
Thursday: the day is empty. i have dinner plans for the evening.
Friday: empty day. booked night. :)
Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday: nothing planned so far. all offers welcome. :)
Wednesday: Casino with my mom during the day to celebrate my 21st, then i'm "working" that afternoon/evening at the packet pick-up for the MS150 (someone has to man our laptop.)
Thursday: nada.

i'll be checking my things sporadically during that time since i have no internet connection at home. i think i may break down and use a free AOL disc for the next month to connect with my laptop, i'm just that desperate. all suggestions welcome.
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