August 27th, 2002


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I'd like to know where a guy finds women like that. I fail to believe they exist.

You've gotta feel bad for the prisoners who were duped by a scarecrow. It's gotta be humiliating to think you were being opressed by a doll.

Beware, thar be Martians below the dirt!

Maybe it's just me, but gaining Bill Shatner's endorsement may not be the best path to winning a political campaign...

If this girl can be hit by a meteorite, how come I can't win the lotto? Stupid rules of feasibility...

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a note to whomever called me last night at about 10:30: please don't call after 10 unless i've told you to. i don't mind because i'm usually up, but my mom has to be up at about 5 a.m. to go to work and if my brother or i aren't around to answer the phone, then she gets woke up by it and can't get back to sleep. a happy mom means a happy sean, an angry mom means an embarrassed sean losing brownie points with his mother. i'd like to maintain my living arrangement for as long as i need to, so in the future please refrain from calling after 10. many thanks and praises will be bestowed upon you.

i closed my eyes and closed myself and closed my world and never opened up to anything...

finished reading Shadow Puppets last night. yet another excellent installment to the Ender Saga. i had hoped to get some rest last night, but i got home at about 11:15 and decided that reading for about an hour sounded like a good plan. then at 12:30, i decided since i only had 20 or so pages left, i'd just keep reading. a worthwhile read. :)
it's been a rather productive day at the office. granted, i'm not totally ready for my vacation that starts thursday and have a pile of stuff still yet to be finished, but i'm getting closer to the end goal. about 27 hours and counting...
this portion removed for the purpose of being passive aggressive.
*sighs* i don't know if i'm more confrontational than usual lately or if i've just been more bitter and angry when i have been confrontational. my patience has probably been thinner than usual. i should do some relaxation exercises...
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