August 22nd, 2002


Chapters of my life that most of the current characters weren't around for...

GASP! I'm going to make a real post! ph33r m3!

Seems a certain someone finally got around to reading my journal after being prodded to on occasion. My apologies to Heather for not mentioning her more often in my journal. Being my best friend, I really ought to mention her existence more often than I do. In my defense, I don't mention the existence of most humans in my journal. Not much of a defense, but it's the best I can offer. In an attempt to change that fact, let me relate to you, fair readers, the tale of Heather. Those of you that already know the story can just refrain from hitting the link...
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As an aside that might as well be added at the end of this post, I must also mention that Heather bought me the new Orson Scott Card book Shadow Puppets for an early birthday gift Monday night. I've gotten a few chapters into it so far, and I'm enjoying it muchly. She shouldn't have, but then again friends are supposed to do things for one another that they shouldn't. I'd meant to mention it yesterday (partially because it was far too nice of her, and partially to inform Brandon that he can borrow it at Christmas as I'm sure he'll want to), but forgot to add it to my brief posts. Enough babbling from me now. I'm going to get some work done. :)
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i think we may have entered the previously unknown 14th level of hell...

You know, sometimes I wonder if there is a God out there. I wonder if maybe the Christian religion is right, to an extent, just like I wonder about every other religion. Then I see that Sebastian Bach is playing the only Son of God in a godless show and hope that the Christians are wrong because God couldn't possibly be happy about 'ole Sebastian playing the role of the heavenly father's earthly form. *shakes his head*