August 13th, 2002


Just how interesting could that children's book have been?!

Personally, I think God wants me to have a ham sammich. Of course, I could be wrong.

Well, we still don't know what low-life right-wing freak was shipping anthrax to people through the mail, but we've FINALLY figured out which mailbox they used. Maybe it's just me, but couldn't we have spent the time and effort used to figure out which of 300 mailboxes was used to mail the poison to figure out WHO sent the poison?

Damn you Fein and Schneider, you're ruining our fun. Ah well, back to world domination as a hobby rather than destroying the lives of women who use the internet to date. Not as productive or life afirming, but it'll have to do. *shakes his head* If you've got to have a book tell you that there are manipulative people out there in the world, you probably shouldn't be interacting with the world.

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uNf, I can finally watch the entirety of 24 like I had planned to. Sure, I'll have to wait until mid-September, but that's ok. :)
hectic day at the office today. susan's mad because she keeps getting more stuff piled on her, i'm mad because i'm getting more stuff piled on me. 2 of 2 computer technicians, grumpy and hungry. not a good thing.
my Head Like A Hole cover as done by Pig is incomplete. i didn't know that until i hear "black as your soul, i'd rather..." and suddenly i'm listening to Furry Happy Monsters from REM (it was a Sesame Street change of Happy Smiling People). i don't think i've had a more bizarre music change in weeks.
i'm done with my <hr> riddled post.