August 12th, 2002


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As if the West Nile Virus and those damned walking death fish weren't enough, now we have to worry about the Asian Cloud devouring our babies and melting our cars. So the running tally of things to watch out for, according to the news and mass hysteria: walking fish that might eat your toes while you sleep, arabs with bombs, clouds of death, and mosquitos. I'd suggest building that bomb shelter now.

Maybe it's a bit presumptious of me to mock these people, but just because I feel ill when I eat eggs doesn't mean we should ban eggs. I feel naseous at the idea of eating squid and calamari too, can we ban those? I'm thinking we're going a bit far to start demanding the FDA ban certain foods because 10% of people that ate it felt sick to their stomachs afterwards. Whose to say it isn't an acquired taste type of food?

And an article that simply cannot be mocked, El Chupacabra recieves $42 a month in unemployment checks. I guess being a goatsucker just doesn't pay well enough anymore.