August 1st, 2002


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sometimes Jesus has the wackiest ideas.

maybe it's because i exist in some sort of twilight zone universe, but something seems perverse about Bush advisors encouraging hackers. the fact that they were telling a room of hackers and hacker wanna-bes that "Some of us, here in this room, have an obligation to find the vulnerabilities" seems insane. on the other hand, the Black Hat convention that he spoke at was sponsored by Pricewaterhouse Coopers and Microsoft, amongst others, so it's questionable that anyone there was truly a black hat.

and to further the idea for people that i am a sick and demented individual, this is brilliant on so many levels. first of all, they're raking in the dough with people who need sick thrills. second of all, sick bastards like me would find it cool to pay someone to kidnap you knowing that you'd get away after a matter of time. third, it just goes to show how little the average person cares about anyone else since most of the kidnappings take place in PUBLIC! it's got that fight club feel to it without the bruises.