July 25th, 2002


as heard on the radio a moment ago...

"You know why guys go to prostitutes? Imagine this: you are the hungriest you've ever been. Hunger gnaws at you from the inside out, you haven't eaten in days, and you have got to have some food NOW. You finally stumble upon a restaurant that serves the best food in the world, and it doesn't cost a dime. But you have to work your magic with the waitress to get her to actually go to the kitchen to bring you the food. And if you upset her, she'll take your food away and go back to the kitchen. She may not even come back after that. On the other hand, there's a restaurant next door that serves average food that's reasonably priced. When the waitress comes out, you put the money on the table and she gives you what you want right then and there. That's why guys go to prostitutes."

I got a chuckle, to say the least.

(no subject)

i'm just going to let anyone who calls today go through to my voicemail. if you need me and you call, leave a voicemail. i'll get back to you. though if you're reading this, you could just send me a message online. just thought i'd warn those few of you that might call though.

found this in my e-mail box...

From : Students <all_students@acad.kc.devry.edu>
To : All_KCDEVRY_Students@acad.kc.devry.edu
Date : Thu, 25 Jul 2002 15:38:20 -0500

I Patrick am a Flaming, Homo.

I don't know who Patrick is, but I would like to know why I'm still getting mail forwarded to me from my DeVry email address, a school I haven't attended in several semesters. In any case, Patrick is my hero.