July 22nd, 2002


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RevFajita: the russians are warming to the idea of letting Lance Bass ride into space
Okuraseru: I'm warming to the idea of leaving him there
RevFajita: i wonder if we ought to just shoot down the international space station when he gets there

apparently radioshack has given him some financial backing for this "jaunt". maybe it's just me, but i think they might be driving away some of their main customer base by helping a member of N*Sync get into space. they ought to be helping Comic Book Guy get into space. it's almost worth it though for the picture of him with the most idiotic grin on his face. who the hell gets strapped into a centrifugal force machine and grins like that? he probably thinks he's at a rave...

Easy... you don't lead 'em so much.

the weekend in review:
Friday night:
Dan and Brandon came by for the evening for a night of video games and flicks. Spent an ungodly amount of time playing Super Smash Brothers Melee (ok, so only a couple hours, but it seemed to consume most of our evening), followed by Being John Malkovich and Full Metal Jacket. Good times, good times.
Went to lunch with Jen. Came home. Fairly uneventful. Spent the day putzing around the apartment, time spent between cleaning, playing SSBM, and messing around online. Went to Perkins with Kat to sit and yap over drinks. She came back to the apartment afterwards and we watched High Fidelity.
Got up shortly before noon, in time to return some tapes (actually, some dvds, but I had to make the American Psycho reference). Found out a short time later that one of the DVDs wasn't in the case. Scoured the apartment, finally found it in the bag from when I rented them. No clue how it got there, but I took it back. I'm sure I owe some sort of late fee now, but that's better than paying for the disc. Finally got around to watching the new version of Ocean's 11. Although I heard a lot of negative things about it from people, I didn't think it was too bad, for a fluff movie. It had it's clever moments and all I really expected was a movie about some guys robbing a joint. It felt like it wanted to be Snatch or Lock Stock but it ended up falling short, but it didn't make it any less entertaining. After that, I put in some quality time with Lost Kingdoms for the Gamecube, followed by some racing action with Wipeout Fusion on the PS2. Boring, sure, but it kept me entertained.
Work work work, followed by going home and being bored. Same shtuff, different day.
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Ever since they closed all of the White Castle hamburger joints in town, I've had this terrible craving for a pile of their tiny cheeseburgers. Today, McDonald's screwed up my order and brought me into the holy land. Their double-cheeseburger, onions only, tastes like White Castle's cheeseburgers. *dr00l*

It's frightening to me that people in the office call me to ask me how they should budget something. I understand that I've been the person who has been posting the budget to our accounting system for the last 2 years, but I just copy it from one spreadsheet to another. Scarier still is that I usually have an answer for them. An actual answer too, not one of them fake answers that some people give you. ;)

Sherm has now been hating me for 19.7 seconds.

Terrorist shoots at terrorist! More news at 11...