July 18th, 2002


everyday is a new day

i've got to get another job. i'm going to have to start paying off my student loans starting next month. *sighs* the couple of places i've put in applications for haven't gotten back to me. looks like this evening is going to call for me to go mall hopping and the like. i probably ought to go check out the theaters as well since they're always looking to hire people. *sigh* one more thing i don't have the time or patience to deal with. anyone from KC know a place that wants/needs a computer g33k for evenings or weekends, even for something as tedious as data entry? most levels of suffering will be accepted. heck, i'm considering part-time work at UPS if nothing else comes up, that shows how much i'm willing to suffer.

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any of the local yokels know anything about Disney Direct? i'm trying to find out if i should apply for a part-time job there or if it's the evil pit of hell. they don't have a website, and those who suggested it don't have much info either.