July 12th, 2002


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Stole this link from Brad. Here's my question: I've got no problem with there being an HIV positive character on Sesame Street. But why did CNN use a picture of Bert and Ernie for the article? Someone's clever attempt at insinuating their latent homosexuality?

Russia and China are participating in wargames with one another to improve communication between the two armies. That's not why I post this link. I'm posting it to point out that the Chinese are buying weapons from the Russians, increasing the Russian cash flow and the technology level of the Chinese. They seem to be awfully buddy-buddy lately...

"What'd I tell you boy?! NO POOPY!!!! DAMNIT, NO POOPY!!!!" Electric chairs were made for these sort of trailer trash.

Today's Penny Arcade makes me chuckle.

I left my damn laptop sitting at home. This doesn't seem topical, except that I should be recieving a stick of 128 meg of ram for it today at the office and i'd like to install it ASAP. I wasn't expecting it to get here until Monday, but FedEx says it's on a truck to be delivered today. Joy and rapture. Too bad it'll only bring me to 192 meg of ram (i've got two 64 meg sticks now, which bummed me out when i realized they didn't give me a 128 stick when i bought it).
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