July 3rd, 2002


Next on E! "Jesus: The Man, The Cracker, The Little Engine That Could!"

one more hour. i might have to stay a little bit later to get some work done, but that'll be my fault at that point.

going out tonight. found out that Leo's Pizza, home of some mighty fine salads, much less their tasty pizza, is still in existance up in North KC and that the one in JoCo still serves the same food, just under a different name. Heather and I are going to go get us some grub. after that, not a clue. might go catch a movie or something. plans tomorrow include killing zombies, sucking ghosts with a vacuum, and probably meeting my mom and brother at my aunt's for the holiday. not sure about the last one, but i'm definitely killing me some zombie bitchez. that's as far ahead as i've gotten for my weekend.