June 17th, 2002

maybe i should wear pants

it's not just a weiner, it's a way of life

Bubba has to go back and do what daddy couldn't. God help us all. Maybe we could just teleport Mr. Saddam out of Iraq and into a comfortable prison home for despots. If I had my way, he'd be cell mates with Kissinger, but we don't punish our own here, only wacky foreigners. Well, foreigners and crazy moms who drown their kids for Satan. Poor kids. Heck, let's just build a fence between us and anyone different than us to keep them from getting in at us. I'm waiting for all of this to escalate to the point that Vegas is taking bets on the next target.

I'd say that this is punishment for Kathleen and Jamie for constantly mocking my posting of news links (uncultured swine with no appreciation!), but I have a feeling that, deep down, they appreciate my efforts. :) They'll appreciate the fish heads they'll soon recieve even more.