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March 27th, 2002 - Revisionist Historian Extraordinaire! [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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March 27th, 2002

(no subject) [Mar. 27th, 2002|10:05 am]
[Your mom ain't listening to |CCR - The Midnight Special]

I need to pick up a CCR greatest hits album when I get paid. I've been desperately craving a little Creedence since before I left town and the 2 tracks I have won't suffice.
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(no subject) [Mar. 27th, 2002|01:08 pm]
i think i've decided to go into film once i go back to school. the more i think about it, the more it seems that film is one of the few areas that i won't go mad studying. if i went for a degree in political science, i'd end up getting annoyed and frustrated with how it was being taught. i don't think i could find a school that presents politics in such a fashion that i wouldn't find childish and trivial. i've developed my own view on how politics work within the social structure and how it relates to economics, social stratification, religion, etc. trying to go back and ignore all of those ideas so someone can teach me a classical view on politics and how the political world works will only frustrate me and drive me off. i've already finished about half of my program at DeVry for computer information sciences, but the program isn't geared towards what i'd like to do in the computer world (i'm more of a hardware/sysadmin type of guy, while they want to turn CIS majors into web application developers). i'd love to go to school for a degree in english, but a) i'm not going to become a teacher, b) i hate writing bullshit essays, and c) i'm beyond all of the lower level courses i'd be forced to endure and would want to put my head through a wall.

then there's film. i have a huge interest in getting into film. i love the power of the medium. but my knowledge of how the film industry works is still in the infant stages. it has yet to be cluttered with idiot notions and fool-hearty ideals like my other views.

i want to create something. i want to leave something meaningful behind to the world, even if i'm the only one to find it meaningful. writing doesn't fully capture those things i'd like to express, nor does music, photography, drawing, or anything else. but in film, you combine artistic mediums into a recreation of your view of life, whether it be idealistic, realistic, surrealistic, etc. it'll be expensive. if i decide to do this, it'll have to be a definite thing. i could always take the chicken route and get a film studies degree which would save me money by not having to buy a camera. in the end though, film is where i'd like to be. i'm sure this will all change in 6 months as my moods change, but i'd like to be optimistic and believe that this is a conviction i'll stick with. we'll see.
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(no subject) [Mar. 27th, 2002|03:56 pm]
[Your mom ain't listening to |Mancini - Baby Elephant Walk]

chad: i could make them compare/contrast Mel Brooks' "Space Balls", Kevin Smith's "Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back", and Steve Oedikirk's "Thumb Wars". for that matter, i could teach a course completely centered around parodies of Star Wars. now that would be great. and you know you could see me doing it too.
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