March 6th, 2002

Seriously though

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internet access at home has gone the way of the dodo for a few days. looks like roadrunner decided to disconnect our service even though we paid our bill for the month. when they turned it back on, we still couldn't connect. they claim it's something wrong with our network, even though we've been running fine for the last year. fuckers. gah.

work is work. i get paid, so that makes me happy. i have to be a drone, which makes me bored. feh. i get paid. that's what matters. next weekend i leave. drive drive drive. woohoo.

i'm not a very interesting fellow anymore. i think i'm saddened by that. i'm much more interesting in person than i am in my journal. i think in the last year i reincorporated a lot of what was me on LJ into what is me normally, making the normal me more interesting but degrading the LJ me. or i may be talking out of my ass. it doesn't really matter i guess. feh. ignore me. the funk continues onward.