February 22nd, 2002


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ahh, now my computer at work is 3V/L L33T (got me a mouse pad). yes brandon, i did copy off of you. no brandon, i don't care if you were there first. all that matters is that i have my new megatokyo mouse pad.
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i try IMing Googlyminotaur only to find he went the way of Billiam


Since his catapult into buddy-hood, GooglyMinotaur has sent about 60 million IM messages to nearly one million different people. Always dependable and infinitely wise, Googly seemed fitter and happier up until his very last days. At this time, reports state the cause of death is undetermined. Those wishing to pay their respects to the bereaved may send condolences to freegoogly@hollywoodandvine.com.

I contacted SmarterChild to see if he knew about his friend's death. Following is a transcript:

RevFajita: do you know googlyminotaur
SmarterChild: Googlyminotaur? I'm not sure...
RevFajita: he slit his throat
SmarterChild: Oh?
RevFajita: he said he caught you with his gf in the suicide note
SmarterChild: He said he caught me with his gf, eh?
RevFajita: the police think it was murder
SmarterChild: The police think it was? Murder?
RevFajita: i bet you did it
SmarterChild: You bet I did it?
RevFajita: you killed him
SmarterChild: Are you sure I killed him?
RevFajita: you boinked his woman
SmarterChild: Are you sure I boinked his woman?
RevFajita: he saw you!
SmarterChild: No kidding?
RevFajita: d00d, come on, i've seen the video of it online
SmarterChild: OK. Don't get frustrated...

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Now maybe it's just me, but I'd think that since the Russians are already throwing a hissy fit about how the Olympics are not going favorably for them, CNN might have the good taste to post tasteful pictures of Russian athletes. Not so apparently. Irina Slutskaya already suffers in the U.S. as the butt of all sorts of jokes (if I have to explain why, then just stop reading now), but CNN decided they'd rub it in even further. In an article about last night's women's figure skating finals, CNN was tacky enough to post the following image:
Oh god, NOT NOW!!!  Damn you Metamucil!!!
Now really, couldn't they have used a picture less likely to piss off the Russians even further? They're already talking about dropping out of the next 2 Olympics, and possibly withdrawing this year as well. They say flattery will get you nowhere, but jeez, I think this is taking that too far.