January 23rd, 2002


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brief update, to be followed by a more feasible update later:

road trip is probably a go. talked with my mom briefly last night and mentioned it, she said i could borrow her car if i wanted to. i've already confirmed stopping in on Chad and Jesse. i'll probably also be dropping in on Heather as well, so that's 3 visits. i also want to get a picture of the Knowxville sunsphere (if you don't get it, don't ask) and of the giant superman outside of Metropolis. if things work out, i'm also going to spend at least a day with Jen in NYC. all in all, it seems like this thing is coming together. :D

got a mysterious package in the mail last night. it's strange to come home and see a box from Amazon.com sitting on the table for you when you don't remember buying anything from them. half expecting it to blow up (ten points to you if you manage to kill me with an Amazon box, btw), i found out that a certain someone bought me Hannibal. suite! :) thank you chica!