December 31st, 2001


(no subject)

you know, my job would be perfect if i only had to interact with a small number of people within this office. as it is, i find myself wanting to scream in annoyance and frustration every 5 minutes or so (seriously, I'm timing it). I guess it's asking a bit much to expect people who are twice as old as I am to be as competent as I am. ARRRRRRG!!!

can you sue a person for persistent idiocy and lack of competency as a human being? you can sue people for all sorts of stupid crap, why not because they're an idiot and they need to get slapped in the face with that knowledge? and if you could sue them for such a reason, would a court of law be capable of determining if a person was too stupid for their own good? if so, what would come of it? would it negate sentencing though? if the court determined that they were too stupid for their own good, they may be able to get away with adding to my suffering because they were mentally incompetent. feh....

In other news, the word "booty" has made the cut and is now going to be added to Webster dictionaries as an actual word. *shakes his head* you'd think there would be more important words out there for them to consider adding. c'est la vie..