December 3rd, 2001


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i hate walking into the office on a monday morning and being asked to come up to the front desk before i'm even here 5 minutes...

shoot and the world gets smaller...

this just in: give peace a chance make peace, not war an eye for an eye is back in style. if you've got big guns and idiots who will let you get away with anything backing you, then you can exact vengeance against anyone you want. got an enemy who keeps acting as a thorn in your side? set homes of his extended family on fire. beat up by a christian extremist for wearing a ribbon for women's rights? set fire to a random church. don't like democrats? blow up the vehicles of anyone who they associate with. we're done with democratic means; it is time for all out draconian chaos!

welcome to the home of the cowards with the BFGs brave...welcome to the machine...
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