November 16th, 2001


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Man-At-Arms: Hey, did I ever tell you about the time I lassoed a Scarab away from a world-threatening villain supreme?
Ram Man: Only about 46,000 times, Duncan.
Man-At-Arms: You know...He-Man would've died if I wasn't there.
Ram Man: Yeah. He-Man told me you almost let Skeletor into Greyskull when he dressed up like a beat up old lady once.
Man-At-Arms: How was I supposed to know it wasn't really a woman in despair?
Ram Man: The skull-for-a-head would be the usual tip off.
Man-At-Arms: I saved the day from the evils of the Scarab!
Ram Man: You're wearing a mixing bowl on top of your head.
Man-At-Arms: Gah. You should be bowing to me - I saved your life!
Ram Man: I slept with your daughter last night. Bow to me.
Man-At-Arms: Teela?! She swore to me that she was a virgin!
Ram Man: Yeah, she told me I was her first. I didn't believe her either.

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nothing beats a croissant and some juice for lunch. i think i may start keeping my office stocked with both rather than actually going to lunch from now on. it's kind of nutritious, isn't it?