November 6th, 2001


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so i'm talking to my mother this afternoon who works at one of the major postal facilities here in Kansas City. apparently they hosed the floors down with bleach yesterday for fear that their facility had been contaminated by shipments from the previously contaminated facility. they had a occupational physician come in to tell them about anthrax and how it spreads, as if the whole of the united states hasn't been told enough facts about it already. i made sure to tell my mother that i didn't want anthrax for christmas. she was quite amused. she's not scared in the least. if she comes down with "flu-like symptoms", she'll see a doctor and get it checked out. no big deal. she must be who i get it from.

by the way, disregard the last post. i was in a really shitty mood. i'm still in a shitty mood, but things are looking a little better. or at the very least, things aren't falling on my head yet. we'll see how this juggling act works out...