October 31st, 2001


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perhaps dressing up as Silent Bob for the day wasn't the most brilliant of things to do, since half the people in my office won't be recognizing my badass costume. ah well. I thought it was funny...and whose brilliant idea was it to have Halloween on the night of the Blue Moon? bad moon rising, y0...

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Well, I think that furnace is only lit every other day, so they have a good sporting chance, haven't they?

you are to blame for this. now i will be forced to make obscure references to it until such time that i either see it or until people get sick of it.

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If you have access to a radio in 20 minutes, you may wish to turn it to your local NPR station (assuming that they are also playing the Talk Of The Nation program). They will be talking with Ray Bradbury about many things, including celebrating Holloween after 11 September. Why do I see this becoming a rather Orwellian conversation?

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often people ask what i really look like. usually i use the "back off, stalker!" defense when they ask. but i've finally given in. i will finally share with you my horrible visage...


Anything you want to, do it. Want to change the world? There's nothing to it...

Maybe it's just me, but is anyone else disturbed by the fact that the media, the government, and any supposed expert that comes forward, all act as though the guys behind sending this anthrax out is some sort of maniacal genius. I'm sorry, but I find it laughable that anyone would consider this person a genius. It goes to show that our nation is run by idiot bureaucrats who couldn't figure out the difference between their ass and a hole in the ground. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to put anthrax into an envelope and mail it. It might take a standard level cell biologist to properly prepare it, but those are readily available at most major pharmaceutical companies. *shakes his head* my faith in our nation's security drops more and more every day.

"I'm saying that Halloween is a scary time." That's the most damnably brilliant thing I've heard today. </sarcasm>

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RevFajita: they really shouldn't have let me have Photoshop on my computer here at work
Okuraseru: probably not
Okuraseru: why?
RevFajita: threw together a Chachi picture
Okuraseru: uh huh
Okuraseru: what's up with the Chachi thing?
RevFajita: eh, i think Chachi's funny
Okuraseru: funny or funny looking?
RevFajita: both
Okuraseru: uh huh
RevFajita: well, no, the latter
Okuraseru: yeah
RevFajita: 80's stars are funny in general
Okuraseru: yeah
RevFajita: plus, no one ever remembers Scott Baio as Chachi, just as Charles in Charge
Okuraseru: I thought he was pretty cute, back in the day
Okuraseru: I remember
Okuraseru: he was Joanie
Okuraseru: Cunningham's flame
RevFajita: yup
Okuraseru: yep
Okuraseru: how old are you?
RevFajita: 20
Okuraseru: 20?
RevFajita: *nods*
Okuraseru: man, I have 16 years on you
Okuraseru: I was watching them first run
RevFajita: *chuckles* so this isn't Opi
RevFajita: heh
Okuraseru: *sigh* sad little life I had
Okuraseru: did you really think Opi thought Chachi was cute?
RevFajita: *chuckles* no, i figured he'd be trying to catch me off guard
Okuraseru: ah
Okuraseru: I see
Okuraseru: I guess in a way, it worked
Okuraseru: and he wasn't even trying
Okuraseru: lol
RevFajita: heh, indeed
RevFajita: and now i'm off....tell him i said hey
RevFajita: whenever he should return
Okuraseru: he's here
RevFajita: oh
Okuraseru: he said
Okuraseru: Manure
RevFajita: well see, now i look silly
Okuraseru: naw
Okuraseru: he's over there----> stuffing his face with pizza
RevFajita: hehe
RevFajita: i'll raz him for eating like a pig later then
RevFajita: but for now, i've got rush hour to defeat
Okuraseru: good
RevFajita: farewell
Okuraseru: he's got a huge mouth
Okuraseru: bye

it's disturbing to talk to someone, thinking they are who you think they are, when in actuality, they aren't. On the other hand, Opi has a huge mouth apparently. :)

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This news update brought to you by a college kid who can easily scoop CNN: Anthrax was found in a facility in Kansas City this last week. The facility is used for cancelling mail and the mail that goes through this facility does not come into contact with regular mail. Last Wednesday they received a bundle of mail from the Brentwood mail facility that one of the anthrax letters were known to have passed through. So far, no one is known to have any "flu-like" symptoms. I'll keep you updated.
Swallow your soul!

Day #794...

I still have not managed to mimick that laser sound that Zorak makes. When I glare at someone with my death eyes, they make more of a 6 Million Dollar Man noise. How do you scare someone into submission when your eyes make a dorky sound like that? It's like dressing up as a bunny rabbit for Halloween. I sometimes wonder if I shall ever be the evil villain I promised Joanie I would be...
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