September 6th, 2001


i'm so cool, too bad i'm a loser; i'm so smart, too bad i can't get anything figured out...

i was kinda disappointed yesterday. i popped in the bonus disc for Fight Club (jrust bought it for me for my b-day) to watch the deleted scenes. most movies have some fairly cool scenes that were deleted that make this feature nice to have. nope, not fight club. the only thing i was disappointed about not seeing was the first version of one of the scenes. you know that scene where Marla says she hasn't been fucked like that since grade school? that scene that as soon as you heard her say it, you couldn't decide if that was damn funny or horribly sick? the line was supposed to be "I want to have your abortion". you tell me, which do you think is better? ;) otherwise, i was disappointed by the extra footage. c'est la vie, not every movie cuts out good stuff, and i'm glad they didn't.