August 6th, 2001


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you know what sickens me about some humans? the idiocy behind their reasoning in regards to religion, especially the idiocy of teens and their ideas of religion. i'm skimming random LJ's for something interesting to read and i come across the journal of an average 17 year old american girl. i say average because her journal is home to bad grammar, horrid gossip, lame and lude jokes, and talking about the "Boy Of The Moment". but intermittently mixed within these entries are the occasional post about how thankful she is that God loves her. it'd be sweet if it was left at that. unfortunately, she shares exactly why she thinks God loves her and kills off any respect she might ever recieve. Posts thanking God for making her stop feeling ill a few minutes after praying that he would, posts thanking God for making call her 10 minutes after she prayed for it, posts thanking God for the new clothes He helped her get and the answers to tests that He provided her with. it saddens me that these are her ideas of religious experiences. worse still, people feed this immature view of religion by encouraging her to continue believing thusly. it's one thing to have faith in God and to believe in Him, but it's another to actually understand why you do so. as time has passed, it seems that the masses have forgotten why exactly they celebrate and have decided that it's just important that you celebrate God and Christ. what is the point? there must be a reason for a person to believe beyond "i've been raised to believe this way" or "because i do" or "how could you not believe in God and Jesus?!" the whole point of religion seems to have been lost for such people. pop culture is devouring the purpose of religion.

i remember an argument between my sister and my father years ago in which she admitted she wasn't a big fan of organized religion. he yelled at her, rather angrily, that it isn't important what she thinks about religion as long as she believes. his idea of how religion was to be practiced was that you didn't question or think negatively about how the religion works. i've seen that sentiment throughout my life from far too many people. worse yet, it's still spreading apparently....