July 19th, 2001


most everyone can pretty much ignore this...

hey ash, i'm sure you'll read this, so i'll just post it here, now, and outside of Leslie's journal:

fuck off.

you have no clue at all what i was talking about. unlike you, the universe does not center around me and i know that fact. maybe if you removed your head from your ass sometimes and paid attention to things outside of yourself, you might notice that there are reasons people say things that they do. like i said in leslie's journal in my comment, i didn't know who it was in regards to. she was so vague that i could not tell what she was talking about. since the post came a reasonable amount of time after i'd made a comment in Jake's journal, i thought it feasible that she was referring to it. in fact, someone else brought it up with me beforehand. i hadn't even really given it much thought until someone else asked me if that was what she was referring to.

as for an ego, anyone who knows me knows that i don't have this massive ego that you seem to like to make me out to have. oh wait, you don't know me. just like most everyone else. a total of about 5 people know me.

next time you'd like to go off on me, do it where i'll notice it. or maybe you meant to and you're just too brain dead from drugs and whatever other crap you're on to figure out how to respond to a person properly. next time i care for the opinion of a drug addled angsty wanna-be goth poser, i'll just hit random journal and ask the first one i come across. god knows there are another 10000 of you on LiveJournal alone.