July 2nd, 2001


(no subject)

it seems as if the world is trying to annoy me today. on the way to work, this stupid 15 year-old looking girl who didn't seem to know how to drive cut me off on the highway while she fixed her make-up (she looked so ghetto-fabulous...stupid white trash teenybopper). i managed to get around her and put her behind me for a few minutes, but then she roared up behind me like she was pissed off that i went around her. i decided to fight back and so i slowed down and got her stuck between the left guardrail, a taxi cab in the middle lane, myself, and a F-150 pickup behind her. she started flipping me off and screaming at me for a moment or so. i glanced over into my side mirror and realized the cab driver knew what i was up to and was laughing his ass off, so i started slowing to about 55. he slowed down too and we kept her pinned there for about 4 miles. she started freaking out, tailgating me for a moment trying to get me to speed up before conceding to driving normally, looking like she was about to have a nervous breakdown. i eventually punched it and left her still going 50 mph trying to figure out what just happened. ahh but it was amusing. she deserved it completely, so i feel no remorse.

then i get to work and it's pretty much dead here. i find out that Deluded has bad-mouthed Jebus because one of her fellow Christian bandwagon friends decided we were the devil. *gags* the community has been relatively silent for quite awhile, so why it's a problem now i don't know.

*sighs* stupid people. stupid stupid people....