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March 27th, 2001 - Revisionist Historian Extraordinaire! [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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March 27th, 2001

(no subject) [Mar. 27th, 2001|03:16 pm]
how strange...this chick that i almost went out with years and years ago just hopped online. first, let me explain the situation with this chick and i...

it was one of those lame online relationship type deals, sort of. we'd met online but lived in the same city, so figured we'd try growing out into a relationship. we talked quite a bit online and over the phone, got to know each other pretty well. i knew at the time that it was probably going to be a complete wash, but hey, might as well try. well, dan and i went and met her and some of her friends to hang out at an amusement park. this girl was hot. she looked just like Drew Barrymore. drop dead gorgeous. and she was completely ignoring our presence. now for her credit, she wasn't completely ignoring us, but she might as well have been, might have made the decision to leave a bit easier for us. what made matters worse, beforehand we'd discussed it being a minor sort of date...well, the whole time we were out, she was flirting back and forth with one of her friends. exactly how i figured the situation would turn. no big surprise i guess. so when we all got split up while waiting in line to ride a roller coaster, dan and i took the initiative and left for better amusement than she and her friends were providing us. shortly thereafter, her and i began to dwindle on the conversation until within a matter of weeks, we stopped talking. she had been expecting a skater punk was her explanation later, not a pseudo-goth freak like myself. kind of funny, considering now i look more like a skater punk and from how i remember the last time i talked to her, she had started towards being goth. and so she has joined the couple of lost and forgotten almost-ex's of my life.

i hadn't even realized i still had her on my buddy list, so i figured i'd im her and see what was going on. seems she's about to get married as soon as her and her bf can find a place to live and such. how bizarre. i wonder how all those other lost almost-ex's are doing...i wonder if i can even remember the name of any of them (i'm glad i wasn't expected to remember her name, cause for the life of me i can't...) hell, now that i think of it, i can only think of 1 of them out of probably 3 or 4...how amusing, i think...
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This one's for you Lurker... [Mar. 27th, 2001|10:38 pm]
i'm sitting here reading through this post on their community as a matter of amusement to myself. now it seems to me that this gentleman brought up some very good points in his arguments with young Ensign Crusher there... (actually, he looks more like Wesley Crusher's older half-brother who got dropped on his face as a child, but that's just an opinion...also not meant to be an insult, just an observation...i also got several second opinions, they agreed...) Why an omnipotent being can't be capable of a change of mind is beyond me. Ensign Crusher points to predestination as the answer, believing that God planned for it all along. but if that's true, what is the point of any of this? if God planned out the whole destiny of the universe, then what is the point of it existing? even with the great span of attention that god would have to have, do you honestly think that he could stand by and watch something he designed billions of years ago (or even 6000+ for those who believe in the shorter time span of existence...) I know i bore easily with things that i've created, especially really long, drawn out things. unless god is easily distracted by shiny objects, i don't think he'd stand by and watch earth as everything he wrote played out. if i were him, i'd be tweaking something here, toppling a minor thing there, just to see how humanity would react. then again, i'm more curious than most....but i digress. so if we accept predestination as the path for how god works, then how do we explain the world we live in today? the world is a much different place than in biblical times. the world is darker, more complicated, and yet, simpler and more peaceful. we are in a different sociological period than we were then. 1000's of years ago, god struck men down merely because they had spilled their seed on the ground. now we have adult arcades fully equipped with all the toiletries you could need. those men are often successful busniessmen, talented lawyers, or even respected clergyman. they don't die. their lives continue on. but wouldn't that suggest that god changed his mind? at some point, he must have changed his opinion of masturbation and the punishment for it. so what happens to predestination? here we have obvious proof that he must have changed the plan. he hasn't burned vegas like he did sodom and gommorrah. neither has he burned amsterdam (those porno freaks over there, i swear...) these seemed like logical questions to follow up along Lurker's tract of thought, but alas, Ensign Crusher felt weary from the meager battle of wits that he had engaged himself in and retreated rather shamefully, giving a poor excuse if i've ever heard one to stop the conversation. c'est la vie...one more conversation that might have led to real growth or utter disaster, lost to the ages...
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