March 5th, 2001


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will not lose cool. will stay calm. will not destroy secretary when she returns tomorrow. will not lose control. will not violently shout out obscenities in office because the secretary is a worthless twit. BLARG!

I feel a little better now. So our worthless secretary decided that since her stomach felt a little goofy, she was going to go home for the day. at 11 am. with no real symptoms aside from a supposedly flighty stomach. this being a somewhat expected event since she usually goes home at least twice a week after barely doing anything that day because she feels funky. i think she's merely scamming us out of money. i think i'm being used as a patsy, being made to take over for her while she's gone because i'm next lowest on the scale, even though i have more work to do and have more seniority than most people here. but those in charge are too naive, too nice, they believe her without much questioning. BLARG! i hate it when people are blind to that which is obvious. blargle...

At least i managed to con someone else into taking over for an hour so i could have a break from the front desk so i could get some stuff done.
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