February 13th, 2001


(no subject)

i made a feaux pax today...in looking at a person's journal who is in Jebus, I connected to another journal and found myself at Calvary's journal. Seems they are having some internal difficulties and such...anyway, as for my wee little mistake...i made a post to the journal of one of their members, or rather former members, in an attempt to show some kindness to someone who seemed like they needed it and trying to let them know that it wasn't worth worrying what secluded had to say. that was a mistake. i was jumped on like a christian to the slaughter (amusing how you can slip cliche's like that in there so easily...) by her for claiming she was in the wrong. c'est la vie, I figure a person's feelings are more important than a freaking livejournal any day. No offense Brad, but I'm sure you'd agree if you ever read this.

On another amusing note, I was the subject of a very brief and very short lived post in Secluded's journal as well. Thought i'd see what she had to say on that whole situation in her journal and came to find out she'd noticed my comment to Brad about her promoting him to God. She was not very amused. I guess they didn't teach her anything about allusions or metaphors or anything of that sort in high school english class, otherwise she would have understood. ::thinks for a moment:: or could my humour just have been in bad taste? Nah, that couldn't have been it. Oh well, it doesn't matter because she blocked that post that I refered to anyway. ::shrugs:: such is the world...I wish people would mock my posts or at least joke about them occasionally. The only person who ever did that was Dalibor and he's vanished. Ahhh well...