January 6th, 2001


rebellion set in and the kid stopped caring about hell, pissed on it all...

so she decided that i really do need my private space. that i need my individualism more than she realized. i think it finally sank in that this is who i've always been and who i will be until it stops being what i need. i've always been a lonely soul. i seek companionship when i feel comfortable with companionship. but at times like these, i just need to empty all those things from my head that race about. i need to feed my minds need for intellectualism, for conversation, for ranting and raving about it all. it may not be the most healthy of things for me, but it's what i need right now. i've found something to throw myself into, and so i feel i must, at least for a time.

so i went to borders last night. picked up a book of h.p. lovecraft short stories complete with annotations for all the obscure things. also picked up "the portable nietzsche"...::drools:: can i mention how happy i will be with these two for awhile? i am slightly pissed though that i didn't know a new orson scott card book was coming out centering on the ender wiggin universe..."in the shadow of the hegemon" i believe is the title. I may not entirely like card's personal beliefs and such, but he writes a damn good sci-fi book...crazy mormons, but hey, who can complain about a christian-esque group that allows multiple wives, huh? :) anyway...off to go do a little light reading...

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