Sean (darksoul) wrote,

So much effort to get a good Kevin Smith reference in there...

RevFajita: next week I get to be Tony Danza!!!
Okuraseru: YAY!
RevFajita: at least, i think he played the good guy in the remake of "12 Angry Men"
RevFajita: i could be mistaken though
RevFajita: i hope i get a cool murder case
Okuraseru: totally
RevFajita: at least something interesting
Okuraseru: maybe you'll get a big insurance case
Okuraseru: and they'll bribe you
RevFajita: that'd rock
RevFajita: then i could turn them in
RevFajita: they could come after me with hitmen for snitching
Okuraseru: you could die!
RevFajita: then i go all Samuel L Jackson on their asses and start shooting bitches left and right
Okuraseru: hahaha
RevFajita: like that punk Ben Affleck bitch
RevFajita: yeah, maybe i'll get to kill Ben Affleck in court next week
RevFajita: that'd be cool
RevFajita: whiny punk ass bitch
Okuraseru: for realz
Okuraseru: he was da bomb in phantoms, though
RevFajita: w0rd
RevFajita: but i'd need some ph4t theme music
RevFajita: maybe i should go in with perry mason's theme music plaing in the background
Okuraseru: get someone to carry in a boom box
Okuraseru: and walk in 10 seconds before you
RevFajita: then when the guys with guns come out, it goes all techno with some phat beats
Okuraseru: and get 2 other people to open the door
RevFajita: that'd be tight y0

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