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i think someone should go on a holy campaign to destroy the computers of each and every single person who uses the abbreviation "ect." for et cetera, being too dimwitted to realize that the proper abbreviation is "etc." Everytime I see someone use the wrong abbreviation, i want to slap them upside the head and ask them what the hell is wrong with them? One more sign that the american education system isn't worth crap. BLARG!

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    Tue, 04:38: RT @ danozzi: just to be clear: gender reveal parties have a higher body count and have done more property damage than antifa ever…

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    Sun, 03:41: RT @ MeanestBossEver: We need a new term for a group of crows.

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    Sat, 08:37: RT @ ditzkoff: if you click the skip intro button on The Muppet Show, your subscription should be instantly canceled…

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