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3 day weekend recap:

Friday: moved some boxes from Mike's to the apartment. went out for grub with Leslie. rather entertaining, had fun. got my film developed from my roadtrip. many of the pictures didn't come out well enough to be noteworthy. not surprised, since i took most of them from my car. cy00t picture of Jen at the apartment and funny picture of Heather though, as well as some beautiful shots of Baltimore from Heather's 13th floor balcony. went to Gambucci's with Jen, Chrissy, Dave, Jamie & Scott for Jen's and Chrissy's respective birthdays. good times. :)
Saturday: went to Dan's to help him move, only to find the move had been postponed a week. ended up going out to breakfast. mass amusement was had at IHOP: our waitress just so happened to be the evil bitch that was my boss during the short time that I worked at Cinemark Theaters. she had a slight look of recognition in her eye, as though she knew me from someplace, but couldn't place where. I knew where and that's all that mattered. I hated/hate this woman with a passion. the bitch is lucky she got a tip out of me. on the other hand, it's good to know she dropped from being one of the department managers at the theater to working $2.15/hr (not to demean people who wait tables, there's something respectable about a lot of waiters/waitresses) at IHOP. gives me some sense of satisfaction to know that karma still exists in this world. went to see Blade 2 after breakfast, great movie. if you enjoyed the first, you'll enjoy the second. a little cheesy here and there, but it's a movie based on a comic, what do you expect? later on we went and saw Resident Evil, also a good flick. my main complaint about Resident Evil was the cheesiness of the map cut sequences which gave it more of a game feel than a movie feel. i kept looking for a controller or a save point throughout.
Sunday: moved boxes again. visited Jen's grandma. did some Wal-mart-ing. reorganized my music collection into a new cd holder, already need to go through and realphabetize it after finding a few discs i'd left at work.
Today: work work work. killing brain cells with the Queen Of The Damned soundtrack.

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