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chad: i could make them compare/contrast Mel Brooks' "Space Balls", Kevin Smith's "Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back", and Steve Oedikirk's "Thumb Wars". for that matter, i could teach a course completely centered around parodies of Star Wars. now that would be great. and you know you could see me doing it too.

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    Fri, 09:11: RT @ JohnFugelsang: Dear Democrats: This level of hysteria shows just how terrified the GOP is that white people are going to…

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    Sun, 04:05: RT @ NoLieWithBTC: Lauren Boebert's restaurant received a $233,305 PPP check and she receives a $174,000 taxpayer-funded salary.

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    Fri, 14:00: We can all agree that @ RealDeanCain is the Superman that shows up from Wish.

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