Sean (darksoul) wrote,

God schmod, I want my monkey man!

T minus 21 hours and 15 minutes. then i will be on my way on the east coast drift. first stop, Senor Denton. then i'm off to visit Heather, then i'll round it all off with a rousing visit with Opi. this should prove to be rather amusing.

RevFajita: jen told me i can't take my PS2 with me
Okuraseru: OH THE HUMANITY!!!
RevFajita: she says there's no reason, but i think it's because she wants to play Crazy Taxi saturday when i leave
Okuraseru: *contemplates*
Okuraseru: alright
Okuraseru: right before you leave
Okuraseru: hit her with a brick
Okuraseru: PS2 should be liberated then
Okuraseru: and if you do it right, she'll be out for your entire trip
RevFajita: maybe she's wanting to breed it with that damnable Hasselhoff dvd
RevFajita: i should liberate it for the sake of the earth
Okuraseru: for the sake of all sanity
RevFajita: if nothing else, for the sake of not having it spontaneously combust
Okuraseru: yeah that'd suck

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