Sean (darksoul) wrote,

*chuckles* people in the office are finally realizing they can all listen to cds on their computers. it's so sad they all live in the stone age. *shakes his head* i ph33r the point in time when they come to me asking for good internet radio stations to listen to. maybe i'll just send them all to silophone. that'll keep them amused until death...

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    Sat, 03:08: RT @ hawillisdc: capitalists: if you hate gentrification so much, buy the block. the community: ok. *raises money* …take it.…

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    Fri, 06:52: RT @ brendanowicz: Matt Gaetz being told his Venmo history is public

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    Thu, 05:28: RT @ danielleiat: This isn’t just fascism, it’s the kind of fascism that gets depicted in novels you read as a kid and as a kid…

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