Sean (darksoul) wrote,

How bizarre...

So I got this email yesterday. There's this website called Crush Link or something. Really cheesy place. What you're supposed to do is tell it someone you have a crush on and their email address. It sends them an email saying you have a crush on them but not telling them who you are. So now they're stuck with knowing someone out there has a crush on them but they have no clue who it is. On their little guessing section, if you guess a person's email, it sends them a message saying someone has a crush on them and this whole process is repeated. I cheated and got my two clues out of the thing. This person is someone who has 4 letters or less in their first name and 8 letters or more in their last. Being that it went to my email address that isn't livejournal related, it had to have been someone IRL. I only know one person IRL whose name fits those qualifications. And I'm doubting it was them. So I have some sort of bizarre stalker out there, someone who is secretly observing me and thinking about me enough to either have a crush on me or think I had a crush on them. How very mind boggling...


P.S. If it was you, please just tell me. I hate surprises that last forever and suspense just bores me. :)

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