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you know, as morbid as it sounds, i'd be interested to know how many LJ users have bit the dust. insensitive of me, sure, but truly, i really would like to know. it's one of those things you hear about from time to time through the grapevine. there was that guy who supposedly died from rubble at Ground Zero falling on him while he was trying to save people. a woman died of cancer a month or so ago. there was the girl who died in a car wreck, leaving her bf and a huge "oh no, that's terrible" fanfare in the wake. recently a couple died in a car wreck, two more journals (read as: fellow hu-mans) girl with an LJ died with her bf in another car wreck. there've been countless cam girl suicide attempts, some on cam, some not. have any suceeded? have there been incidents that none of us know about? that no one knows about? journals left behind with no one to miss the person behind it? hell, for that matter, do we really consider our journals to be "journals" any longer? for a lot of people, they aren't just journals, they're extensions of themselves. their journal is that third arm they've always wanted. it's a personal publishing empire that makes them available to everyone, and yet leaves them just as lonely and unhappy as they were without it. once we die, is this what we leave behind to mark our trials and tribulations through the mortal coil? daily scribblings on some website that a handful of people glanced at? i find myself trailing off, but it's an interesting line of thought, though morbid all the same.

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