Sean (darksoul) wrote,

well fanboys, good job. all of your bitching and complaining about how George Lucas could shove a star destroyer up his ass if he had N*Stink in Attack Of The Clones had it's proper effect. they've been left on the cutting room floor. seems N*Stink is kinda peeved about it, but who the hell cares, they have 12 year old girls throwing training bras at them, they don't have serious careers. the biggest tragedy of all though? two geeks in Seattle are already waiting for the movie to come out. "But I thought it didn't come out until mid-May?" you're right, it doesn't come out until late may. and these goons are going to sit and wait until May 16th to see it. they'll miss the release of Spider-man, which is being toted as one of the greatest spin-off/sci-fi/fantasy films in many circles (being in it, i'm less willing to believe it'll be that great, but you never know, i might be surprised). they'll never be laid again by anyone not dressed like a wookie. their families will disown them in order to save face. and little timmy will never get back his lightsaber that his older brother asked to borrow while he waited in line. ... makes me wonder what it'll take to get one of the Seattlites to go by there and laugh at them for me. ;)

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