Sean (darksoul) wrote,

So I took this psychological personality profile yesterday in my psych class. According to it, based on my personality, I would be best suited for a life in politics. How very frightening... I can see it now, me standing up on the stage debating a still bitter Ralph Nader in 30 years. Of course, he'll be older than Strom Thurman (how does that old geezer manage to still walk, much less run for office; he's in his 90's, why would anyone want to keep him in office?!) But still...T'would explain my current wish to debate so much with someone about something...I'd like to sit down with George Bush and have a legitimate debate with him about his life, his choices, his beliefs, and the idiocy of it all; I'd prolly have too much fun crushing his little brain. Stupid republican president monkey looking bastard... =)

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