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Very odd...I dropped my car off at the garage to have it fixed (my motor for my electric window broke and has to be replaced...), and so I had to drive Aria's dad's pick-up to work. As I drove on to work, I turned the radio on to the very beginning of Lightning Crashes from Live. I haven't heard the song in months. The last time something like this happened, I ended up finally getting to talk to Bobbi again, a very good, very distant friend of mine who I have lost track of. Her and I were best of friends until she moved off to Podunk-Nowheresville, Kansas. We slowly lost track of each other until finally, I hadn't heard from her in almost a year. About 6 months ago, something similar happened as to what happened to me today. Later that day, Bobbi called me up and we talked for a bit. How bizarre...I hope it happens again though. It's nice knowing that your one-time best friend is still alive and such. :)

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