Sean (darksoul) wrote,

My DVDs finally shipped out yesterday. As of 6 A.M., they were in the city (Lenexa to be exact). Theoretically, I should be getting them by tomorrow, though I'm crossing my fingers that it shows up at the house today. Something boggles me about it's route though. The package originated in Coffeyville, KS. It then shipped to Tulsa, OK. Huh?!?! *shrugs* Seems kind of odd to me, but whatever, as long as my movies show up tomorrow. :)

God I hate online tests. And yet, as a glutton for punishment, I tend to take any of them that seem like they might be entertaining. Below you'll find the results of the Kevin Smith Male Character test...

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You have a genius intellect and an awesome sense of humor. You can sarcastically put someone in their place without batting an eye. Your only problems seem to be that you have trouble acknowledging your true feelings and you may use your humor as a defense to hide what you are really feeling. But, your godliness overpowers any insignificant flaws you may have. Even if you tend to pass gas during very inconvenient moments.
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