Sean (darksoul) wrote,

Boredom Between Classes Attacks Again...

::sighs:: So I had a really big post I was working on yesterday afternoon. Was going to post it in my journal, in Jebus, it was going to be pretty pithy and prophetic. Unfortunately, it was interupted with the idiocy of one of the girls in my office. Rather than paying attention to the fact that we'd sent a message around to everyone a week ago about a virus that was running rampant, she decided to dowload the stupid thing. And so, rather than spending my afternoon trying to finish my rant (and not really earning my keep, but hey, that's what they pay me to do, just sit and wait for problems...) I had to spend it working on getting a virus out of her computer and make sure it wasn't in the system. ::waves his fist at the stupidity of computer illiterate people::

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