Sean (darksoul) wrote,

Christmas == bizarro
'nuff said.
ok, maybe i guess i'll recap. <insert time dialation for flashback mode>
Sunday: Went to my mother's. Jen came with. Had a good time. Made out like a bandit from there. $50 gift card added to the "Buy Sean a PS2 Fund" and $50 cash. Also of note, picked up a nerf dart gun as well, in case assassins manages to get off the ground.
Monday: Went out and did last minute shopping for zee other Sean (because he hadn't done any shopping...) with Jen and Nathan. It was amusing. Dan came by that evening, we went out for food, came back and hung out at the house. Finally got all the presents wrapped at about 11:45 pm, at about 12:00 am, we decided we'd go ahead and open them early. <increment BSPS2 fund by $100 more> Jen's mom was happy, we were happy all was good.
Tuesday: Went to Jen's grandma's house for a few hours. It was pleasant. Went to my dad's that afternoon with my brother and sister. That was awkward. Haven't been in his house since we moved out 2 1/2 years ago. After about an hour, we went to my grandmother's. That felt wierd being there. It's always felt wierd being there, but this year it seemed stranger. I never should have mentioned an interest in computers while I was there because I became the grandchild who knows how to fix everyone's computer. Typically, I wouldn't mind it, but when everyone is asking about their computer problems that I can't easily diagnose, it gets to be mildly annoying after a bit. C'est la vie, they're family, I guess they're allowed. Things went pleasantly though. Afterwards, I went back by my dad's for about 30 minutes to yak with him. He ended up writing me a check. I felt kind of guilty taking it for so many different reasons. 30 seconds later, the guilt faded and I slipped the check into my pocket. It might make me a bad person, but after everything that man has put me and my family through...suffice to say, I'm not letting it bother me too much. *sighs* Tales of yore that I don't feel like putting out for public consumption this close to the holiday. Besides, I've got extended family wandering around on LJ who don't know the juicy gossip of the quiet Canady family. <increment BSPS2 fund by $220 more>

All in all, a pleasant 4 day weekend, with a few bumps here and there. And now I'm stuck sitting here at work all day long...*blech* ah well, the break couldn't last forever. :)

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