Sean (darksoul) wrote,

They always felt as though they were missing something, a part of themselves...

"I don't blame her a bit," Yates said. "If she received the medical treatment that she deserved, then the kids would be alive and well. And Andrea would be well on her way to recovery."
That said in regards to the fact that his wife drowned their 5 children. Nah, she didn't mean to do it, she was just depressed. Them doctors didn't take care of her proper like they should have. She needed more drugs, I'm sure. She wasn't sedated heavily enough. She wasn't loved enough as a child. She should have been given pink socks instead of yellow ones when she left the hospital. Her parents shouldn't have been drinking Tang when they concieved her. How far back does one have to go to make murder of their own children justifiable? I'm not a big fan of kids at this stage in my life, but I find it abhoring that a mother would kill one of her own, much less 5 children. And then to blame it upon depression?!?! Mental deficiency or not, murder is not acceptable. Murder of 5 helpless children who trust you is the worst crime one human can commit on another. I'm not typically an advocate of the death penalty if it can be avoided, but this woman should be tossed into a water torture device from the Inquisition and left to rot until she drowns.
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</bitter rant>

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