Sean (darksoul) wrote,


I'd like to suggest that we turn off the internet. Anyone who happens to have a big red button nearby that they can smack that might do anything similar to shutting down the internet, hit it. If there are major wires nearby that might connect internet processes, clip it. Shut it all down. The common man shouldn't be allowed to so easily spread his message along to anyone he can because the common man is an idiot. The common man doesn't understand 95% of what he thinks he understands. The common man is a blowhard, mentally deficient beast who does nothing but make a horrible pest of himself. ugh...


sorry, i'm just growing rather annoyed with people acting immature and pathetic lately. a day hasn't gone by in a month that someone behaving stupidly hasn't managed to piss me off. it's time for a sabbatical, i think.


i grow more weary with every passing moment...

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