Sean (darksoul) wrote,

"And I see all the young believers
Your target audience
I see all the old deceivers
we all just sing their song"

"you can point your gun at me
and hope it will go away
if god was alive,
he would hate you anyway"

"Is this what you wanted?
This is what you get.
Turned all your lives into this shit.
You never accepted or treated me fair
blame me for what I believe
and I wear.
You fucked yourselves and you
raised these sheep
the blue and the withered seeds
you will reap.
You never gave me a chance to be me
Or even a fucking chance just to be.
But I have to show you that
you played a role
and I will destroy you with one simple hole.
The world that hates me has taken its toll
but now I have finally taken control.
You wanted so bad to make me this thing
and I want you now to just kill the king"

the above are from the king of shock...sounded like thought provoking, quotable material...

and now, one of my own doing...

"Wicked World

Once I was shrouded behind happiness
I'd found love in this heartless land
A kindred soul to share my life with
Someone who cared for me as I did for her
Then the world turned its eye on me...

My heart wilted as her's became a pit
Swallowing my happiness like a black hole
Choking me with the bile taste of pain
Curled in a ball, tears streaming from my face
The world begins mocking me...

Pain stalks me at every turn
Always there to stab me in the back
When I'm least expecting it
After long it becomes too painful to survive
The world is toying with me...

Mope about through my life
Wishing it would all just disappear
Wishing I could watch the whole world burn
The ashes blowing away in the wind
This world is killing me...

The pain of life envelops me
Turning my heart into a dark mass
Becoming a self-destructive maniac
Destroying all that is beautiful in my life
The world is killing my soul...

Awaking in the darkness
Chained and barred away from society
Finally getting the peace that I longed for
The pain is fading away
I've beaten back the world...for now...

Freed from this prison
But unable to join society once again
Afraid the pain will swallow me whole again
Staring out darkly through my sunglasses
The world knows how to kill me...

She finds me and shows me kindness once again
Bringing back those feelings of joy from within
No longer feeling so empty with you around
Love enters my heart again
The world starts its torture...

My heart is no longer my own
My thoughts devoted only to my love for her
Suddenly I'm crushed by the pain of love
Left an empty husk again by this angelic harpy
The world is killing me...

Fall into a pit of depression and madness
Nothing but pain and sadness around me
You threw me away with the rest of the trash
Leaving me here waiting for death
The world twists the knife...

Deaf and blind to the pleas of the world
A walking, talking shell of a person
No longer willing or able to help others
Only awaiting the final, painful release
The world lowers the noose around my neck...

Stare down at the graves wishing to join them
Not long for this wicked world
Nothing left here for me but more pain and suffering
The darkness has devoured my soul
The world kicks the barrel from beneath my feet... "

Something I wrote years ago that sounded like something to post while i stray from actually doing my book report...

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