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Et Memorium...

::sighs:: I pity God, for having to endure such worthless beings as humanity. If only he'd not allowed us to evolve, his great green earth would still be intact. Man is the last great plague of earth. For those who believe it is the End Times, man's birth began the End Times. Before man, there was only Nature, and in Nature, there was order to the chaos. Man has always preached that before him, there was Chaos. Look at Genesis. God created the whole of Earth, but then, as a final parting gift, left man. The Bible only gives the world 5 days to be alone before having us come in and trash Eden. In Nature, there was perfection. Eden was life without humanity. In Man, there was destruction, a chaotic element tossed into the fold. From that point on, man began to procreate and spread his youth at random amongst the world. Eventually, nature was conquered, beasts were conquered, and in the end, man conquered even himself through religion. In the end, God conquered all, even if God was merely a being trapped within the hearts of his followers. It is my belief that, at least in America, God is dying or dead. The God that was once held high, that was worshipped as a being of love, was perverted the day it stepped onto these great shores. I have pride for my country, the land itself. For it's people, i hold no such pride. they have killed God and held up an idol in his place, using that idol as an excuse to kill the Indian, conquer land from the Mexicans, oppress the South Americans and the Cubans, and hold themselves up as the holiest of people. God has died in America my friends. His spirit lives within the few, those who know his message of love and are led not into the temptation of the false God that has conquered others. But God, he has died, and for our sins alone has he died. For the sinning nature of man is what killed God, the greed that is the core of much of humanity. Douglas Adams didn't kill God, Elvis didn't kill him, Marilyn Manson didn't kill him. God was dead soon after the Puritans landed on our shores. God was dead in the heap of the Inquistion. God, whose wonderful message of peace was cast down by several a pope in hopes to conquer the Homeland back from the infidels who had lived their for thousands of years. God, whose message of hope was cast down by Puritan soldiers who killed many an american indian because they refused to worship the new God of man, prefering to worship the God and his friends who had helped the american indian survive in the wilderness for millenia, the God that is Nature, that is order and tranquility, chaos and loss, all rolled into one. "Cast down your pagan ways, Indian...cast down your heretical worship of that which has made you happy. Your god is not the way...worship the New God...worship OUR God..."

And such is the way of man, destroying that which we refuse to accept. Man is the End Times. Man shall be the ruin of us all...

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