Sean (darksoul) wrote,

wrote a nice polite letter to Secluded just now...upon seeing that her community is getting rather aggravated at her about having made the community completely private. I'm almost proud that someone from within stood up and pointed out how unChristian it is to run and hide from opposing viewpoints. The member (i don't recall which...i'm sure she'll be removed soon...) pointed out that they should be secure enough to be able to answer opposing views. Anyway, i wrote a pseudo-apology letter for inciting anger, not having been quite my intent in giving my viewpoint.

I humbly request admittance into your community. As was stated in this post by both SecludedGrrrl, seemingly chief moderator, and member Kitiara, your community wishes to have anyone be a member, regardless of their viewpoints, as long as they are kept polite and are not meant to incite anger or to be offensive. I stand by my record of having not posted any offensive messages in your community. Nor have I made any attempts to incite anger. If my mere questioning of certain viewpoints was cause for anger, I apologize. It was never my intention to incite anger or bitterness into your community. My personal views of Biblical study and of Christianity may differ from yours, but didn't Christ teach for us to treat everyone as they would treat Him, for all of God's children are his brothers. While I understand my journal may pose a differing viewpoint than your own, I would hope that your faith is strong enough to be willing to welcome me in hopes of perhaps teaching me about your own views. I don't condemn you, your religion, or your beliefs. So please, do not be quick to condemn my own.

Raven Drache

PS Should I receive no response, than this shall be the last you hear of me. Again, I apologize for having caused unrest.

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